Acquisition Criteria

About Whitmore

Whitmore, consisting of Whitmore lubricants and rail equipment, KATS Coatings®, Horizon Lubricants and Air Sentry, is a leader in creating component protection technology through the manufacturing of specialized lubricants, rail equipment, coatings, sealants, and contamination control solutions with broad product application for a variety of industries on a global basis. Since 1979, Whitmore has operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Capital Southwest Corporation, a Dallas-based investment company that provides patient equity capital to exceptional businesses.

Acquisition Candidate Description

Companies that manufacture specialty lubricants, protective coatings and component protection devices for sale to capital intensive industries such as mining, railroad, power generation, and other heavy industrial applications.


  • Proprietary technology, high quality products
    (brand recognition)
  • Existing base of satisfied customers
  • Annual revenues of $500,000 to $15 million
  • Profitable historical operations, with synergistic
    improvement opportunity
  • Controlling ownership motivated to enter
    into a transaction
  • Transaction size - up to $10 million


  • Management with vision, integrity, experience and
    desire to build shareholder value
  • Highly regarded by customers, competitors,
    vendors, and employees
  • Positive, sustainable growth trend
  • Consumable products purchased on a recurring basis
  • Long-term product life cycle
  • Synergy with our products, technology and/or
    distribution channels
  • Significant leader in its market segment
  • Minimal environmental risks
  • Strong quality program and internal R&D program