Success Stories

Moisture and particulates are continuous threats to fluid cleanliness and Air Sentry® has set the gold standard in eliminating these threats with relentless contamination control. Our patented Air Sentry® technology adsorbs water from the air before it ever has the chance to enter your fluid system, gearbox or reservoir and removes particulates down to 2 micron.

Air Sentry® continues to lead the industry by increasing productivity, prolonging fluid life, reducing maintenance costs and controlling expensive downtime. Reason enough to go for the gold!

Learn How Air Sentry® Breathers Can Extend The Life Of Your Fluids, Reduce Gearbox Failures And Increase Productivity!

Air Sentry® Saves Manufacturer $340K

In an effort to cut costs and improve system reliability, a manufacturer of high quality construction materials examined maintenance costs of their fifteen facilities. Read Entire Story >>

Air Sentry® Credited with Increasing Production

An alloy manufacturing company measures return on investment (ROI) in terms of eliminating downtime or lost production.
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Air Sentry® Increases Oil Service Life by 300%

A large hay farming operation in Oregon was experiencing critical problems with the hydraulic systems on a $100,000 hay press that was less than one year old. Read Entire Story >>

Using Desiccant breathers in Industry Today

The Deeter Foundry has enjoyed the benefits of using desiccant breathers on its machines for more than two years.
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