Fill in the blanks in each category to determine maintenance costs. Our worksheet
will calculate the total for you and provide an ROI based on the figures entered.

Note: Not all facilities will incur all costs listed. If one does not apply to your facility, leave it blank.

  Annual Oil Replacement  
  x x x =  
  Cost per Gallon ($) Gallons/System   # of Systems   Changeouts/Year      
  Annual Oil Disposal  
  x x x =  
  Disposal Cost/Gallon Gallons/System   # of Systems   Changeouts/Year      
  Annual Contamination Related Production Downtime (Approx. 70-90% of failures due to Contamination)  
  x x x =  
  Hours Down/Month Cost/Hour (Avg. $200/hr) # of Machines          
  Pump and/or Motor Replacement Cost  
  x x     =  
  New Pump/Motor ($) Replacements/Yr   # of Machines          
  Valve and/or Coil Replacement Cost  
  x x     =  
  New Valve/Coil ($) Replacements/Yr   # of Machines          
  Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement Cost  
  x x     =  
  New Cylinder ($)   Replacements/Yr   # of Machines          
  Bearing Replacement Cost  
  x x     =  
  New Bearing ($)   Replacements/Yr   # of Machines          
  Gearbox and/or Gearbox Seal Replacement Cost  
  x x     =  
  New Gearbox or
Seals ($)
Replacements/Yr   # of Machines          
  Maintenance/Repair Labor Cost  
  x x     =  
  Avg Hours Spent/Repair Labor Cost/Hour   # of Repairs/Year          
            Total Maintenance Costs:  
  Initial Air Sentry Product and Cost of Installation  
  + + x =  
  Cost/Breather   Cost of Fluid Analysis Labor Cost/Hour   # of Machines      

Your Return On Investment With Air Sentry®

  - ÷ 12     =  
  Annual Maintenance Cost Initial Air Sentry Cost         Savings/Month  
  ÷         =  
  Initial Air Sentry Cost Monthly Savings           Months ROI  


*70-90% of contamination related failures based on published industry standards at the time of printing.

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