Protect Your Equipment

Two Main Threats To Productivity


One research group found that greater than 75% of all machine wear related failures were due to particulate contaminants. Frequently the greatest cost of equipment failure is not the component replacement cost, but the labor production downtime. Most particles start off as dirt that becomes airborne, finds its way into lubricant and fuel reservoirs, and is later transported to bearings, bushings, seals, valves, and other machine components. There they become key ingredients in abrasion, erosion, and fatigue failures. The contaminants also cause lubricant degradation, shortening the life of the lubricant and decreasing its ability to lubricate.

With machine clearances measured in thousandths of an inch, it doesn't take much contamination to affect bearings and other sensitive components. Even particles of 10 micron or smaller can disrupt the lubricant film and cause a great amount of wear.


Moisture is a continuous threat. Its presence in lubricants and hydraulic fluids creates a host of problems including rust, lubricant additive depletion, viscosity changes, oxidation and sludge formation.

Air Sentry® neutralizes contamination while protecting operational efficiencies which is reason enough to go for the gold. Air Sentry® Breathers stop moisture from entering your equipment while still allowing clean air to pass through.

With an Air Sentry® Breather installed you can rest easy knowing that your investments are protected from humidity and the ill effects associated with moisture getting into your systems.

Extend The Life of Your Gearbox

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