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Lube Service Truck Applications

Service Trucks

Service Trucks

Lubricant service trucks have tanks or reservoirs for different grades of motor oils, synthetic oils or hydraulic fluids used to support the lubrication needs of off road and construction equipment. These fluids must be kept clean during transit to maintain ISO cleanliness standards established by the OEM.

When choosing a breather for a mobile application, the R-Series or XR-Series is the best solution for the physical and environmental application requirements. The R-Series is designed with a reinforced metal plate capable of with standing the high vibrations typically caused by off road conditions. The XR-Series incorporates the metal base plate of the R-Series for high vibration requirements and the check valves of the X-Series for high humidity and dust environments, along with a replacement desiccant cartridge for affordability.

Remotely mounting the breather may be necessary to keep oil from splashing into the breather. The Splash Sentry™ adapter, available in either the 1” or 2” NPT, compliments the R-Series or XR-Series breather, to help protect the silica gel from being contaminated with splashing oil.

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