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Railroad Maintenance-of-Way Equipment Applications

Railroad Maintenance-of-Way Equipment

Railroad Maintenance-of-Way equipment is used to clean, maintain and repair railroad tracks. Hydraulic systems are used to remove and insert new spikes, replace the ties, and move the rail. When this equipment is dispatched to perform maintenance, there is a limited window of opportunity to work before the next train comes along. Depending on the type of equipment and the job it does, the environment can be very dusty. Hydraulic systems that enable the machine to do the required work must be reliable and free of moisture and dirt.

Equipment vibration is a major concern, as the equipment travels down the track. A major US Railroad was concerned that the standard disposable breathers might not withstand the hours of vibration. Air Sentry®, in conjunction with the railroad, developed the R-Series breathers. The R-Series offer a steel reinforced base plate designed to withstand the vibration.

In order to maintain a positive pressure of 5 psi required on certain hydraulic reservoirs, the A-306 Pressure Relief valve is used with the R-111 breather.

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