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Mobile Equipment Operation

Mobile Equipment Operation

Mobile equipment faces some of the harsher operating conditions for hydraulic systems and lubricating moving parts. As equipment costs, wages for service technicians and the cost of operating the equipment continue to increase, a simple solution is available to help reduce maintenance and downtime costs. Installing an Air Sentry® breather to filter the air entering the hydraulic systems, keeping it clean and free of solid particles can save time and money.

Dust and dirt, as well as humidity, are a constant threat to the fluids and oils used in hydraulic systems. Air Sentry® breathers are used as an integral part of the program to protect the equipment and keep the fluids clean and dry. Many options are available to use on mobile equipment including the R-Series, the XR-Series and the M-Series. All are designed for extreme conditions, where dust, dirt, moisture and vibration are all part of the standard operating conditions.

All Air Sentry® breathers can be remotely mounted with extension tubes to help protect the silica gel from heavy oil vapors and mist.

The Air Sentry® Splash Sentry™ is designed to protect fluids from splashing up into the breather during operation. The M-Series breathers have the Splash Sentry™ built into the standpipe. The R-Series and XR-Series breathers will allow the connection of the Splash Sentry™ directly into the base plate.

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