Identification, Prevention, Containment.

ColorGuard® identifies contents and keeps them contained.

ColorGuard, an innovative anodized color-coding system that provides immediate identification of contents to prevent cross contamination. This streamlines maintenance and eliminates handling issues. Available in eight distinct colors.

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Drum Adapter Kits

Drum Adapter Kits allow breathers to be installed on any storage tank or drum; there's never been a cleaner, more effective way to store, filter and pump lubricants from a drum. Unique design ensures all fluid handling is managed through one adapter. Anodized aluminum adapters have quick connects for pumping oil in and out of drum. Single-port access to the oil reduces contamination as drum remains closed. Off-line filtration units easily connect to adapter without ever disrupting the performance of the breather.

Hydraulic Reservoir Adapter Kits

Hydraulic Reservoir Adapter Kits allow breathers to be installed on any hydraulic fluid tank or reservoir. The patent-pending aluminum adapters have quick connects in two sized for pumping oil in and out, allowing the system to remain closed at all times, dramatically reducing contamination while improving oil-handling safety. Off-line filtration can also be connected through the adapter without ever disrupting the breather or opening the tank.

Domed Flange Adapter Kits

Provides a low profile yet rugged way to mount a 1" NPT desiccant breather
to a hydraulic reservoir. Includes six hole ANSI pattern gasket and fasteners for perfect replacement of bayonet flange and vent cap. The beveled surface directs spills and contaminants away from the opening.

Gearbox Adapter Kits

Allows breathers to be installed on any gearbox. Oil can be pumped in or out without opening the gearbox to atmosphere. Offline filtration, oil changes and sampling can be handled through the adapter. They are a faster, simpler and cleaner way to handle gear oils and reduce ingression. Available in eight colors to segregate dissimilar fluids, avoiding cross contamination.

Bayonet Adapters

Replaces a standard breather cap on a hydraulic reservoir. Simply remove the breather cap, place the bayonet adapter on the existing flange, and rotate one-quarter turn. No tank modification is required. And they accommodate Air Sentry® breathers with a 1" NPT connection.


Designed to monitor breather performance on critical equipment. A compound pressure gauge alerts plant personnel of pending pressure or vacuum issues.

PVAK Kits include:

Oil Sample Ports

The process of collecting oil via an oil sampling port is critical. Without a true sample, oil analysis reports may be inaccurate. Access to the lubricant is done through the use of a sample port adapter. The sample port adapter screws into the sample port of most ColorGuard™ adapter kits. Oil samples can then be drawn from the system and placed into a clean sampling bottle for analysis, ensuring that the lubricant is never exposed to contamination by opening the equipment.

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